Friday, November 27, 2009

A wedding cake that is truly yours

Imagine that? A cake that reflects you both as a couple instead of one more tiered sea of fondant that no one notices and everyone forgets?
Sweet Bea cakes in Jamaica Plain to the rescue!
One look at the work on her website and you won't need another second of convincing. Sharon is a trained sculptor who started making super creative cakes for her two beautiful boys' birthday parties. Insert inevitable success here. One thing lead to another, all the moms wanted Sharon to sculpt the perfect cake for THEIR beautiful boys' birthday parties, and the rest...well... is Sweet Bea Cakes!
Whether you're a cheese lover, a puzzle enthusiast, an lover of books, the outdoors, photography, or anything else, Sharon is your woman. Check out her site.

Friday, May 22, 2009

My opening at A-forest Gallery...the update

Ben and I at A-forest Gallery.
In short, what I learned from my gallery experience was this: I love what I do. I love photographing families, children, and people in love. I'm most successful when my photography either helps people, makes them feel beautiful, or in twenty years can make them time travel.
Thank you endlessly to every one who has hired Ben and I to photograph their lives. We are so honored and so happy.

Kelly and Jeff are all kinds of engaged

Kelly and Jeff's wedding is in September, and we were lucky enough to nab one of the nicest days of the Spring for their engagement shoot. We went to Boston's busy waterfront and the Fort Point neighborhood near The Children's Museum. We're so hip.

Our New Logo!

You may be noticing our first installment in Hitched Studios' new look! We are so excited about our new logo, and it's all thanks to Lauren Kennedy over at Charm Stationery. She designed both the old and the new Hitched Logos as well as the T.Spoon Photography look. She's a talented babe, if you need a logo don't hesitate to drop her a line.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Liz and Todd, our new boyfriend and girlfriend

We love all our couples, we do.
Liz/Todd and Ben/I were apparently separated at birth and it's just nice to be reunited, that's all.
One thing you should know about the next 30 photographs: the cake picture is our favorite because Todd is a surgeon and looks straight-up terrified to cut the cake. We don't know the skate boarders in the photographs, but if you do will you have them contact us?
Liz and Todd's wedding was filled with love, family, friendship, great music, endless bliss, and a room (or two) full of fabulous people.
Mass General Hospital did her flowers and they were as gorgeous as any other.
Their reception was at St. Cecelia's and Father John will, if everything goes as planned, leave the Church and marry me.
Liz's dress was gorgeous, but I don't know who designed it. If you want to know I can surely ask her.
Their reception was at The Harvard Club Downtown and it was exceptional.

enjoy their photographs.

Here is just about the nicest email we've ever received. It's from Shannon and Ed Vossler, one of our favorite couples ever. We had such a good time at their wedding, and wanted to post their generous, lovely email.
Thank you, Shannon. We be lovin you.

"Hitched Studios in one word: Amazing.
I don't have to say much about the end product -- their photos speak for themselves. Anyone with any sense of a photographic eye can tell the precision and attention to detail that goes into their composition.

But what impressed me most is their composition and character as human beings. They are such a joy to be around, to work with, to have as guests at our wedding... the whole nine yards. Their generosity, warm spirits, and calming attitudes were absolutely invaluable and allowed my husband, myself, and our entire bridal party to actually relax and enjoy the day, despite the speed bumps the day threw at us.

Case in point: When our limo failed us, Tara was fighting our battle with the limo driver while Ben was pulling his car around and crammed all six bridesmaids inside. Who else but the closest of friends would take care of you like that?

We are so grateful to know Ben and Tara and were truly blessed they were at our wedding. We wholeheartedly recommend them to any bride who's looking. If you want quality photographers who have a heart and really care about your day (and will do everything in their power to make your d
ay special), you cannot find anyone any better or more talented than Hitched Studios."

Once you're married, havin' babies, and raisin' families...Introducing T.Spoon Photography

Once you're all married up real nice and you're thinking of starting a happy family...don'tchya wonder who'll photograph you as you grow together? Who's photos will help you time travel every time you look at them (on your walls, in very large prints, framed)? Well, I'd like to introduce that photographer to you.

me. Introducing T.Spoon Photography to y'all. Enjoy!